Do this before sleep and lose pounds!

Be Consistent to Lose Weight

Consistent Weight Loss

For many of us, yo-yo dieting is the bane of our existence. We lose weight. We gain it back. We start losing weight again and fall off the bandwagon. We lose weight. It creeps back up. It’s a constant battle between our minds and our bodies. And it is all …

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Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Goal Setting

When losing weight it can be hard to stay motivated and focused. This is because dieting goes against our instincts, we can find it boring and stressful, it interferes with our social lives, and the results take a long time to show. So we can’t just rely on the intrinsic …

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Set Goals to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Goal Setting

When it comes to weight loss, we often pay a lot of attention to the hows and not much attention to the whys, or the where-tos. And this is a problem, because if your goals aren’t right, you won’t be able to make them come true. Imagine if you were …

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